Executive Committee Meeting

                                Executive Committee Minutes
                        3rd Quarter District Meeting-May 12, 2021
                                        On Zoom
Rod Obermeier, Governor                 Charlie Galligher, Fin. Comm. Chair
Jeff Bachman, Governor-Elect         Diana Carlin-Pierron, Oratorical Contest Chair
Debbie Newton, Treasurer                 Ruth Nelson, Webmaster
Mary Griffin, Secretary                 Marlene Natoli, Health and Wellness Chair
Kris Kirkes, Lt. Gov., Zone 1             Lisa Brummett, Essay Contest Chair
Frank Yeoman, Lt. Gov., Zone 2         Debbie Doll, Activities Chair
Doug Jardine, Lt. Gov. Zone 3         Phil Griffin, Health and Wellness Committee
Lance Kellenbarger, Lt. Gov., Zone 4

The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by Governor Rod Obermeier who thanked everyone for joining the meeting.

The Executive Committee minutes from February 17, 2021 were reviewed. Doug Jardine moved; Lance Kellenbarger seconded to approve. Motion carried.

The committee then reviewed the 2nd Quarter Board of Directors' minutes from February 20, 2021. Lance Kellenbarger moved; Jeff Bachman seconded to submit the minutes to the Board of Directors. Motion carried.

Treasurer Debbie Newton presented the 2nd Quarter Accountability Statement and Report of Receipts and Disbursement for the period ending March 31, 2021 and reviewed the account balances. Gov. Obermeier asked if the District owed any money for CCDHH Schotarships. We still need to pay a $2500 scholarship funded by the District for last year's winner. As there were very few participants in the contest this year, CCDHH Chair Ben Cardon decided to award only one scholarship, and it will be funded by OI. The Finance report will be presented to the Board of Directors at the 3rd Quarter District Meeting.


Oratorical Chair Diana Carlin-Pierron reported the District contest will be held virtually this Saturday at 12:30 a.m. at the 3rd Quarter District Meeting. There are 6 students eligible for the competition. One student must record her speech as she is unable to participate Saturday, and Diana is working with the student to get the recording done. The World contest will be virtual as well.

Essay Chair Lisa Brummett reported there were 11 clubs that submitted entries to District this year. The winning essay was the Derby Club entry, and the student will present at the 4th Quarter District Meeting.

Zone 1 Lt. Gov Kris Kirkes reported his Zone is down only 7 in membership at this time. There are still some clubs in the zone that are not meeting.

Zone 2 Lt. Gov. Frank Yeoman reported the Ottawa University Club's charter has not been revoked. As the university was not in session the club was unable to collect and pay dues to OI, but that situation has been dealt with, and the club and members will be reinstated.

Zone 3 Lt. Gov. Doug Jardine said all the clubs in the zone are meeting now in some form. He plans to begin visiting clubs again this summer. He is considering possible candidates for Lt. Gov.

Zone 4 Lt.Gov. Lance Kellenbarger reported Jim Morris is interested in being Lt. Gov. for next year. Most of the clubs in his zone are now meeting.

Membership Chair Dale Fox said he and Ruth Nelson have been working on developing the Gardiner Club as a vouth golf club, and that Ed Bruns is also interested in rebuilding the adult side of the club. The DeSoto Optimist Club may be closing their golf academy and disbanding the club which would mean a club charter
would be available. Lance Kellenbarger said he would be interested in the charter for a club he hopes to develop in his zone. Dale said right now Kansas is at -66 in membership, but 22 of those are from the Ottawa University Club and should be reinstated. The Midwest Region is currently #3 in membership.

Gov. Obermeier said we do still have clubs that are not meeting and need to pay dues. He asked everyone to reach out to those clubs and encourage them to begin meeting again.
The 4th Quarter Convention will be held August 13-15 in Wichita at the Holiday Inn East, and District Conference Chair Muriel Walpole is working on the arrangements.

Debbie Doll reported everything is ready for the 3rd Quarter Meeting's Friday night picnic. The meeting Saturday will be at the College Church of the Nazarene, and arrangements are finalized for Saturday as well.
The meeting including the Oratorical Contest will be available to watch online. The agenda for the day was reviewed, and Gov. Obermeier added that following the meeting the Candidate Qualifications Committee will interview Doug Jardine as a candidate for District Governor for 2022-2023.

Meeting adjourned at 8:40 p.m.