Executive Committee Meeting
Executive Committee Meetings

Executive Committee Minutes
2nd Quarter District Meeting-
February 17, 2021 On Zoom

Rod Obermeirer, Past Governor Lance Kellenbarger, Lt. Gov., Zone 4
Jeff Bachman, Governor-Elect Dale Fox, District Foundation Rep
Debbie Newton, Treasurer Charles Galligher, Fin. Comm. Chair
Mary Griffin, Secretary Ruth Netson, Webmaster
Kris Kirkes, Lt. Gov, Zone 1 Marlene Natoli, Heatth and Wellness Chair
Frank Yeoman, Lt. Gov., Zone 2 Diana Cartin-Pierron, Oratoricat Contest Chair
Doug Jardine, Lt. Gov., Zone 3 Lisa Brummett, Essay Contest Chair


The meeting was called to order at 7:00 p.m. by-Governor Elect Jeff Bachman who thanked everyone for
joining the meeting. Rod Obermeier then asked for a moment of sitence in remembrance of Immediate Past
Governor Gary McVey and Past Governor Jesse Miland who both recently passed away.


The Executive Committee minutes from October 16, 2020 were reviewed. Frank Yeoman moved; Kris Kirkes
seconded to approve. Motion carried.

The committee then reviewed the 1st Quarter Board of Directors minutes from October 17, 2020. Doug
Jardine moved; Jeff Bachman seconded to submit the minutes to the Board of Directors. Motion carried.


Treasurer Debbie Newton presented the 1st Quarter Accountability Statement and Report of Receipts and
Disbursements for the period ending December 31, 2020 and reviewed the account balances. The report will
be presented to the Board of Directors at the 2nd Quarter Meeting. Finance Chair Charles Galligher said the
District's Form 990EZ has been filed. A copy of the form will be available for review at the Board of Directors
Meeting. The Independent Review Committee Report and the 990EZ were sent to 01.


Oratorical Chair Diana Carlin-Pierron reported an Ontine Guide from OI for students participating in the
contest will be avaitable soon. Clubs are organizing their contests, and the District Contest is scheduled for
Saturday, May is in Olathe. Both the District and the World Contests may have to be a hybrid of virtuat and
in-person or all virtual. She also reported that the World Oratorical Contest Committee is considering
changing the rules to atlow District winners to compete again unless they qualify for the World Championship.

Essay Chair Lisa Brummett reported she has judges selected for this year's contest, and she is beginning to
receive club Essay Contest winners.

Membership Chair Dale Fox said membership is down this year, and we need to continue to work on recruiting
and retaining members. Leads for potential new clubs are still being pursued.

Past Governor Obermeier said Lt. Governors need to consider their replacements for next year so Lt.
Governors can be elected at the 3rd Quarter Meeting. Governor Elect Bachman will recruit members to fill
positions on the Administrative Team soon.

Zone 1 Lt. Gov. Kris Kirkes reported he continues to stay in contact with clubs, and clubs are having a mix of in-person and virtual meetings.

Zone 2 Lt. Gov. Frank Yeoman said clubs in his zone are also doing both in person and virtual meetings. Clubs
are beginning to work on their usual activities and fundraisers.

Zone 3 Lt. Gov. Doug Jardine has contacted all 9 of his clubs and 7 are meeting in person. McPherson is
meeting on Zoom, and Abilene still has been unable to meet. The Manhattan Club is meeting every week,
having speakers, and conducting fundraisers.

Zone 4 Lt. Gov. Lance Kellenbarger has been contacting clubs and reported some are meeting while others still are not. Past Gov. Obermeier thanked Lance for agreeing to take over the job of Zone 4 Lt. Gov.

Doug Jardine, Zone 3 Lt. Gov., is interested in serving as Kansas District Governor for 2022-2023. The past
governors will begin talking with him about the responsibilities of the position and the training needed.

Plans are underway for the 3rd Quarter Meeting in Olathe. The District Convention was scheduled to be held
in Wichita in August, and the committee discussed whether to continue with that location. It was agreed to
have the convention in Wichita and let Convention Chair Muriel Walpole begin planning the event.

Foundation Rep. Dale Fox reminded members about the 01 Foundation online auction to be held Feb. 11-
March 15. The Kansas District has a basket in the auction.

With the passing of Gary McVey the position of District Governor is vacant. Past Governor Rod Obermeier
volunteered to fill that vacancy. Following discussion Lance Kellenbarger moved to have Rod Obermeier
complete the remainder of Gary McVey's term as governor. Dale Fox seconded; motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 p.m.