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This page was last updated on: November 3, 2019
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Minutes of the 4th Quarter District Convention
and District Board of Directors Meeting
August 10,2019 -Overland Park, Kansas

*Governor Kris Kirkes called the meeting to order at 12:00 noon.
*OI Rep Janet Lloyd on membership and awards. She also shared her history.
*First timers Chearie Donaldson and Jeff Bachman were introduced.
*Awards were presented by Foundation Rep Deb Newton and Governor Kris. Governor Kris also handed out awards to members who have 25 years of service or more.

*Governor Kris called the convention to Order.
A report was given by the credentials committee. 10 clubs were represented and a total of 34 votes were available. A motion by Lance Kellenbarger to approve and second by Dale Fox. Motion passed.
Convention Rules were presented. A motion by Charles Galligher to approve a second by Marlene Natoli. Motion passed
The floor was asked for nominations for Governor Elect. None were present.
Governor designate Obermeier presented his team and next year's meeting dates and locations.
Charlie Galligher discussed the policies and what revisions were made after the OI convention. Charlie
moved to approve Dale Fox seconded and motion was approved.
Convention was closed.

District Secretary Obermeier asked for the approval of the 3rd Qtr. minutes. Dan Donaldson, Topeka
made a motion to approve. A second was provided by Ed Bruns, Gardner. Motion was approved.
Financials:  District SecretaryfTreasurer Obermeier presented the accountability statement ending June 30, 2019 for review.  Finance Chair Galligher shared we were working on an online registration form that would be hooked to Pay Pal.
Meeting was adjourned at 2:04 for Breakouts. Closed with the Creed.

*Break out and Training sessions were held from 2:15 PM to 4:30. Presidents, Sec/Treas. and Lt Governors training was held. Those not attending training had an open forum on the History of Optimist, and a hands-on pastry workshop.

*SUNDAY August 11,2019
At 8 AM we had a Devotional and Memorial service led by Dale Fox.
Breakfast was served.
Dr. Naismith (Bill Nicks) shared how he became involved in basketball.
Governor Kris announced the winners of the corn hole tournament. Charlie and Bert Galligher.
OI Rep Janet and Tom Lloyd thanked everyone and Tom gave a short talk on membership and things
you can do. Governor Kris asked everyone to promise themselves to be positive and motivational.
We closed with the Optimist Creed.

This many views
Kansas has no Governor-Elect to take over on October 1, 2020.  There were no nominations for the position at the Kansas District Convention in August. There was no mention of this apparent failure at the first District Meeting in Salina. The members of the Kansas District need to know the meaning and results of this situation.
First, remember the situation that happened in the 2007-2008 Optimist year in Kansas and Oklahoma. Oklahoma’s report on their election of a Governor-Elect was lost/misplaced and not entered on the official records at Optimist International headquarters.  This apparent lack of a Governor-Elect for Oklahoma prompted the International Board to initiate a merger plan that would combine the Districts of Kansas and Oklahoma beginning in 2008-2009.  Fortunately, the records at Optimist International were corrected with the actual name of the Oklahoma District Governor-Elect and the merger plan was dropped.
What will happen to the Kansas District since there is no Governor-Elect? The Optimist International Board has no alternative but to initiate merger action to become effective October 1, 2020.  There are several alternatives that will be available to the Board. First, the Kansas District could be merged with West Missouri District (WEMO/KAN). Second, there could be a restart of the Oklahoma/Kansas Merger that was stopped in 2008 (OKLA/KAN).  Third, the Kansas District could be merged with the Nebraska District (NEB/KAN).  Each of these choices retain some recognition of Kansas as part of the merged organization.  There is a fourth option that eliminates the need for the name changes. This option would absorb Kansas Zones 1 and 2 into the West Missouri District. Zone 3 would be absorbed into the Nebraska District. Zone 4 would be absorbed into the Oklahoma District.
How did this happen? In 2017, when the Governor had to resign due to personal reasons, there was a Governor-Elect on record and a Candidate Qualifications Chair who came up with the Leadership Team to takeover and finish the year.  The 2018-2019 Governor Designate had no persons assigned to the Candidate Qualifications Chair or Committee. There was a named Governor-Elect who had to resign at some time during the year leaving the District in temporary limbo.  At the second District Meeting that was combined with West Missouri, Past Governor Rod Obermeier was revealed as the Governor-Elect for 2019-2020. There were no nominations from the floor at the 2019 Kansas District Convention for the position of Governor-Elect.  Currently there are still no persons designated as chair or member of the Candidate Qualifications Committee.  Without a Governor-Elect to continue the Kansas District, Optimist International has no choice but to merge.
A side note: the Kansas District is fast approaching the red line for forced merge due to reduced membership.  There are many costs involved in supporting a district. When membership drops below balancing the cost with annual dues, the district is no longer worth keeping as a separate entity.