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This page was last updated on: February 10, 2020
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Minutes of the 1st Quarter District Conference
and District Board of Directors Meeting
October 26, 2019     Salina, Kansas
Governor Rod Obermeier called the meeting to order at 8:45 am and led the Pledge of Allegiance. Past Governor Kris Kirkes gave the invocation. Gov. Obermeier then led the group in the Toast to All Nations.
Kyle Weiser from Business Salina welcomed the group to the city.
Governor Obermeier introduced Tracy Huxley, International Chief of Staff from London, Ontario, Canada. She shared her Optimist story and spoke about the activities of her two clubs in Ontario and Jamaica. She is currently an assistant to 0I President Adrian Elcock and helps him with visiting clubs and districts. She encouraged clubs to imagine their next century of service and work on retention of members.
A video welcome address from International President Adrian was shown. He challenged all members to embrace his theme of "iMagine" and find new ways to serve more children. The 4 E's video featuring Jermaine Harris was shown in which he describes his Superhero Philosophy and how each person can release their own inner superhero to become a better Optimist.

Charles Mansfield spoke about funding for the second CCCDH Scholarship and described various fundraisers for the scholarship offered at today's meeting.
Governor Obermeier gave out New Project Idea Forms and asked everyone to write down their ideas for new club projects. These ideas will be compiled by 0I and offered to all clubs for use.
Governor Obermeier announced the Second Quarterly Meeting will be held Feb. 7-8, 2020 in Manahattan.
Debbie Newton and Kris Kirkes gave out awards for the 4th Quarter of last year.
Ruth Nelson, Kris Kirkes, and Charlie Galligher introduced the "New Century of Servicell presentation, a three-part program which describes the structure of 0I, the impact clubs have on young people, and the leadership skills provided by Optimist clubs. District Leadership Team members will visit clubs and give the presentation.
Minutes from the 4th Quarter Convention and Board of Directors Meeting were reviewed. Dale Fox moved, Dennis Young seconded to accept the minutes. Motion carried.
Finance Committee Chair Charlie Galligher presented the Accountability Statement from the period ending Sept. 30, 2019. The report is incomplete as he is waiting on final figures from 0I on the Club Campaign Funds. Once he has all the information the report will be posted on the district web site.
Charlie Galligher presented the 2019-2020 budget and explained how the budged is created. Frank Yeoman moved, Lance Kellenbarger seconded to approve the budget. Charles Mansfield expressed concern that the second CCCDH Scholarship is not fully funded in the budget. Gov. Obermeier said District Policies don't require us to fund the second scholarship fully unless money is available. Following discussion, the motion to approve the budget passed.
Foundation Representative Gary Slimmer spoke about the OI Foundation and the different opportunities for members to contribute. He asked clubs to appoint a Foundation Rep and encourage their members to donate to Dime a Day.
Membership Chair Dale Fox introduced this year's NASCAR themed membership campaign. He explained how the four zones will compete, how points will be accumulated, and what awards will be given.
Essay Chair Marlene Natoli said the theme for this year's contest is “is Optimism the Key to Achieving the Dreams You iMagine?". She encouraged clubs to hold contests or to accept an essay from a student in their area and submit it to District. Winning essays from clubs must be postmarked to District by Feb. 28, 2020.
Diana Carlin, Oratorical Chair, spoke on this year's contest and encouraged clubs to participate. Students must present in person at the club level, but she is considering ways for them to use video or Skype at the Zone and District level, if they have a legitimate reason for missing the contest.
Ruth Nelson, Childhood Cancer Chair, reported a "Light the Night" fundraiser was held last evening to raise money for Childhood Cancer. So far, the district has donated $192,000 to Childhood Cancer Camps with the bulk of the money coming from our annual Childhood Cancer Golf Tournament.
Jr. Golf Chair Kit Kelley asked clubs to consider including a donation to the Jr. Golf Tournament in their yearly budgets. This year's tournament will be in Emporia on the last Friday in May, and volunteers will be needed. We are partnering with the Kansas Golf Association to better publicize the event.
We closed with the Optimist Creed. Meeting adjourned at 3:55 p.m.
Executive Committee Minutes
1st Quarter District Meeting -October 25, 2019
Salina, KS
Rod Obermeirer, Governor Lance Kellenbarger, Lt. Gov. -Zone 4
Tracy Huxley, OI Rep. Charlie Galligher, Fin. Comm. Chair '
Debbie Newton, Treasurer Dale Fox, Membership Chair
Mary Griffin, Secretary  Marlene Natoli, Essay Chair
Frank Yeoman, Lt. Gov. -Zone 2 Ruth Nelson, Childhood Cancer Chair
Jeff Bachman, Lt. Gov. -Zone 3 Clara Herbel
    Phil Griffin
The meeting was called to order by Governor Rod Obermeier at 7:20 pm. He welcomed everyone and introduced 01 Rep, Tracy Huxley from London, Ontario, Canada.
The committee reviewed the Executive Committee minutes from the August 9th 4th Quarter District Convention held in Overland Park, KS. Frank Yeoman moved, Lance Kellenbarger seconded to approve. Motion carried.
The committee reviewed the minutes of the 4th Quarter District Convention Board of Directors Meeting. Lance Kellenbarger moved, Frank Yeoman seconded to submit them to the Board of Directors for approval. Motion carried.
Financial Statement:
Charlie Galligher presented the Accountability Statement for the period ending Sept. 30,2019. The report is incomplete as he is waiting on final figures from 01 on the Club Campaign Accounts. Once all the information is received the statement will be posted on the district web site.
Charlie Galligher presented the budget for the upcoming year and explained how the budget was created. Lance Kellenbarger moved, Frank Yeoman seconded to approve the budget for submission to the Board of Directors. Motion carried.
Gov. Obermeier thanked everyone for attending and said the district was off to a good start for the year. We are up +8 in membership. He encouraged the Lt. Govs to visit clubs and stress the importance of growth and membership. Clubs need to develop new projects for kids and recruit members by having them help with these projects. This year's club directory will be emailed to everyone this week.
Tracy Huxley, OI International Chief of Staff, spoke about her experiences as an Optimist including her club's work with a children's hospital in London, Ontario. Tracy is currently an assistant to 01 President Adrian Elcock and visits clubs and districts on his behalf. She encouraged members to communicate how we change children's lives in order to recruit new members.
Frank Yeoman reported he has started contacting clubs in Zone 2. He has sworn in new club officers and is working on a possible Club Within a Club.
Jeff Bachman said a NOW meeting was held in Salina with 25 in attendance and 8 new members recruited. Concordia also added 6 new members. He is contacting Zone 3 clubs and getting to know their officers.
Lance Kellenbarger is developing plans to visit clubs in Zone 4. He hopes to have a NOW event with all Wichita area clubs working on the event. He will ask clubs to give presentations at district meetings on their activities.
Marlene Natoli has students wanting to enter the Essay Contest and is looking for clubs to sponsor students. She asked the Lt. Govs to encourage clubs to hold contests or at least accept a student from their area and submit the essay to district.
Dale Fox asked how the Oratorical Contest will be conducted this year. Gov. Obermeier said students must present in person at the club level. Contestants at the zone and district level may be able to submit a video of their speech if they have a legitimate reason they can't be at the competition.
Ruth Nelson asked Tracy Huxley if OI had suggestions on how clubs can convince businesses to re-invest in service clubs. Ruth said we need ways to make businesses understand the impact service clubs have on a community and how clubs provide leadership opportunities for their employees. Tracy responded that all clubs need to complete Club Pride Report so OI can use those facts to show how clubs help communities. She is working on a program to create OI logo stickers to place in windows of businesses that support Optimists.
Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm