CCDHH Funding
  In 1996, Big John Livingston (past Gov) started raising a second scholarship for the CCDHH Contest.  Optimist International Foundation(OIF) provided two scholarships for "hearing" youth but only one for those whose hearing loss was FORTY decibels or greater as certified by a liscenced Audiologist.
  Funds for the second scholarship have been raised by donations from individual clubs and individual members. Initially, OIF recorded all individual and club donations without classification. Since these funds are "designated" for specific purpose not controlled directly by OIF, donors can stil deduct them but they do ont count toward Lifetime Donations to OIF.
  There are several activities being presented at District meetings to augment direct club and indinidual donations toward the second scholarship.  District Policy states the scholarship will only be offered if the funds are available .
  The display to the left offfers many options for donors to get Kansas Optimist memorabilia. There are double pane plastic cups with past governors pictures and logos.  A five dollar donation is asked for each of these.
  On the other side small display pillows are offered with the past governor's picture, logo and year of service.  A five dollar donation is also asked for each of these.
  There are order blanks for cups and/or pillows to be made prior to the next meeting.
  The Optimist International logo has gone through several changes over time.  Optimist Name Badges have followed with new logos after each change. Ther were also changes in size and fasrtening systems.  Genuine antique Optimist Name Badges are offered for individual or club use. A one dollar each donation is requested.
  Kansas Goverrnors have designed their personal logos to reflect their personal theme.  Replica pins of most of these logos are available and others can be produced. A one dollar each donation is requested.
  Optimist International Foundation has an annual Bag Grab display at the Convention to raise funds.  We have our own little Bag Grab to raise funds for the CCDHH.
  For a small donation of five dollars, you can grab any one of the displayed bags for yourself.  The bags consist of new bags given as gifts by Lancome, new or slightly used bags donated for the Bag Grab; and may also contain hand made general purpose bags donated for the Bag Grab.
   Two giant raffles are offered for individuals or clubs to win.  The Kansas Historical Quilt and the newly created Kansas Logo Throw will be awarded at drawings to be done at the 2020 Kansas District Convention in August. Winners need not be present to win.
   The prizes will be shipped after the convention to the winners if they are not present. This means any member or club could win either or both of these hand made historical pieces.
   Tickets for the raffles are available at each District Meeting and can also be acquired by mail using the ticket forms available for download on other pages of this site.