Previous Board Minutes
Minutes of the 2nd Quarter District Conference
And District Board of Directors Meeting
February 20, 2021
Ottawa, Kansas


Governor Elect Jeff Bachman called the meeting to order at 9:00 a.m. and announced the theme for the meeting was "Happiness".
Richard Jackson of the Franklin County Optimists welcomed the group to Ottawa and the campus of Ottawa University. District
Foundation Representative Dale Fox then gave the invocation, and Governor Elect Backman lead the Pledge of Allegiance.

Gov. Elect Bachman then asked for a moment of silence in remembrance of Immediate Past Governor Gary McVey and Past Governor Jesse Miland who both recently passed away.


It was announced that Past Governor Rod Obermeier was chosen by the Executive Committee to complete the remainder of Gary McVey's term as governor.

Governor Obermeier introduced Middle America Region Vice President Theresa Evans and Optimist International Foundation
Secretary/Executive Director Craig Boring and welcomed them to the meeting. Lister Florence, Middle America Region Vice President Elect, joined the meeting via Zoom and said he looked forward to working with our District in the future.

Gov. Obermeier then introduced Curtis Sneden from Topeka who presented the excellent program "It's Magic".


CCDHH chair Ben Cardon reported the District competition will be held on Zoom April 8. He asked everyone to encourage qualified students to participate in the contest.

Minutes from the 1st Quarter Board of Directors Meeting were reviewed. Two corrections were noted: Mark Katz's first name is spelled Marc and the date club essays are due at District is February 28 not February 29. DougJardine moved; Jeff Bachman seconded to accept the minutes as corrected. Motion carried.

District Treasurer Debbie Newton presented the Accountability Statement and the Report of Receipts and Disbursements for the period ending December 31, 2020. Finance Chair Charles Galligher said District Form 990EZ has been filed, and a copy is available for review. The Independent Financial Review Committee report has been completed and sent to 01.

Charles Galligher reported the selection by the Executive Committee of a successor for Immediate Past Gov. Gary McVey was done in accordance with Optimist International By-Laws and Kansas District Policies.

Zone 1 Lt. Gov. Kris Kirkes reported he has contacted all his clubs and encouraged them to resume activities. The clubs meeting are doing a hybrid of in person and Zoom meetings. Zone 2 Lt. Gov. Frank Yeoman has contacted all 10 clubs in his zone. Some are meeting in hybrid form, some in person, and others not at all. The Emporia club's Christmas Tree sale had a record year. Zone 3 Lt. Gov. Doug Jardine has talked with all his clubs, and 7 of the 9 are meeting in person. McPherso{i.!) meeting on Zoom, and Abilene has not yet started meeting. Zone 4 Lt. Gov. Lance Kellenbarger reported all his clubs still are not meeting full time, but Mulvane is meeting in person and continuing their activities. Derby and Hutchinson are meeting on Zoom.

Essay Chair Lisa Brummett reminded clubs they should be completing their Essay Contests. The deadline to submit essays to District is Feb. 28. The District winner will present the winning essay at the 3rd Quarter District Meeting.

Diana Carlin-Pierron, Oratorical Chair, said clubs should be scheduling their contests and Lt. Govs. preparing for Zone competitions. Contests can be done in-person or on Zoom. The District contest will be May 1S in Olathe and may have to be done virtually. It has not been decided whether the World Contest will be held in-person or virtually. An online Oratorical Contest guide for students is now available from 01. The World Oratorical Contest Committee is considering changing the rules to allow District winners to compete again unless they qualify for the World Championship.

Gov. Obermeier said the International Convention will be in Atlanta June 29-July 3. A registration form is on the OI website.

Foundation Chair Dale Fox reminded members about the club grants available from the 01 Foundation and the online Foundation Auction. Dale challenged clubs to achieve 50% participation in Dime-A-Day this year in honor of the 50th Anniversary of the Foundation. Currently Kansas is the #1 district in Dime-a-Day membership.

Health and Wellness Chair Marlene Natoli reported $17,000 was donated to childhood cancer camps last year. This year's Childhood Cancer Golf Tournament will be held Monday, Aug. 9 in Olathe. Marlene encouraged clubs to sponsor a team, be a hole sponsor and donate items to the silent auction. She asked clubs to get involved in some local activity that supports health and wellness.

Middle American VP Theresa Evans gave a presentation on the "Power of Optimism" illustrating how optimism will help people overcome obstacles and live a happier life.


Brad and Rebecca Oshel spoke during lunch about their son Wyatt's courageous battle against cancer. Wyatt, his siblings, and his parents shared their journey from diagnosis through treatment and how faith and optimism sustained them.


Attendees completed a service project filling "Happy Packs" with toiletries for Franklin County students

Leadership Development Chair Kris Kirkes presented "Choosing Happiness" speaking about all aspects of happiness and how choosing happiness enhances lives. Members shared what makes them happy including traveling, family, hobbies, and volunteering.

Marc Katz, President-Elect of the Optimist International Foundation, appeared via Zoom and asked members to participate in Dime- a-Day and the Foundation online auction. He also spoke about the Women in Philanthropy Council and encouraged members to donate to support the Council's programs.

Webmaster Ruth Nelson said she has been working on the Kansas District website including the directory of club information.

Debbie Newton and Marlene Natoli announced the winners of today's Childhood Cancer 50/50 Drawings. Judy Leary won the $5 ticket drawing and Marlene Natoli the $10 ticket drawing.

Membership Chair Dale Fox encouraged clubs to work on recruiting and retaining members. Clubs should maintain contact with their members and let them know clubs and the District are still working to help kids.

Gov. Obermeier reminded everyone about the 3rd Quarter Meeting in Olathe on May 14-15. As an incentive he is offering $100 to each Lt. Governor who can get one member from each club to attend the Saturday meeting or if every club adds one member by May 1. A club can receive $200 if they have half their membership attend the meeting or add 2 new members by May 1 and have 25% of the membership at the meeting.

We closed with the Optimist Creed. Meeting adjourned at 2:35 p.m.